Here you will learn to earn what YOU WANT, without having to search for customers so much and that customers come to you in such a way that at a given moment you are the one who tells customers that you cannot serve them, because I want you to know that you have come to the right place.

I formally introduce myself, I am  Luis B. Rivera , and I am Mobile Notary Public Signing Agent , and what I have just told you, I say it because it is what has happened to me and the reason why I created this program, to be able to help to hundreds of people just like you, who are looking for either an additional income or a professional career for a lifetime at low cost and Great Income.


NOTE: The income you receive will vary and depends on your effort and work. You must follow the steps that you are going to be told and little by little you will notice that you will be more and more sure of your own work .

What will you learn?

Throughout the training you will learn many basic and simple “tips” to be able to start generating the income you deserve, you will also get to know me more to know how I personally started and how I improved everything more and more.

how your life will change

Now it is important that you understand that at this moment you are about to start much more than a job. You are about to start a new lifestyle in a very different and highly professional way. Many people wish they could receive such basic training to start changing their lives like this.

What will you achieve?

I promise you that if you are looking to make a change, you will achieve it , but you must follow all the steps to follow. At a given moment you will think that you no longer need help and that you are ready to continue on your own, but I have news for you , exactly at that moment is when you will need the most help because you are going to start flying in this business.

Here I am going to tell you only some of the points that you will learn

From the simplest to the most basic to close and obtain direct clients in slow times.

Included in Service (training) Free:

  • How and where to take the Notary Public course
  • Obtain the Certificate, Bond (including seal and book)
  • How and where to obtain the Signing Agent Course and Certification . (this is a course with a certification that you renew every year)
  • How and where to obtain the 25k – 100k bond for Signing Agent
  • What equipment is usually needed and where to get it?
  • Access to our FREE affiliate program to promote this training to other friends and family. By promoting it you receive 40%, which means that with 3 referrals that enter with the basic membership and yours is FREE .

Importance of Certifications

The certifications must be taken, in order to start receiving offers of services by title companies and private companies that daily look for Notaries Public who are Signing Agents.

What I just read is what the free service includes.

Register Free Here :

Now I will be informing you what the basic membership program includes :

  • All of the above plus the following:
  • Videos where you can see step by step how to obtain clients for basic private notaries such as: Wills, Power Of Attorney, basic “acknowledgment” Notaries, VIN, Notarize Wedding License and many others. (you may be receiving more and more messages and calls just for this ).
  • How to understand the most important parts of closing documents , as part of the documents that you Notarize and sign the (Sellers, buyers or refinancing) of a property. Go document by document in a closing of Purchase, Sale or Refinancing of Property. (These videos can also help you when you are taking the Signing Agent Certification exam)
  • Private group on Facebook and Telegram. (In these groups, you can ask questions about a particular case, if you have a closure and have doubts about a document, you can ask about the document, questions like who signs a specific blank or how to fill it) Always keeping in mind that it is suggested that you can also ask the question to whoever hires you to do the closing)   


NOTE : If you send a sheet to help fill it out, you must cover all personal and financial information including Banks and case numbers, borrower’s name, address and/or telephone.

  • A live communication every 2 weeks in the Facebook Group where you can also ask questions.

$199.99 then pay just $24.99 per month after the third month. 

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We also have an advanced program :

  • Includes everything in the basic program plus :
  • A one to one, PERSONAL communication , where only you are and you can ask the questions you want two (2) times a month.
  • And a personalized work plan , duration approximately 30-45 minutes (this is done only once, but it can change your entire future)

$199.99 then pay just $89.95 per month after the third month. 

Click the button to pay:


This option has everything included in the previous plans , but with a super tool that will help you to be on search engines like Google, Yahoo and other listings so that people in your area can find you much easier :

  • Includes all of the above plus.
  • It includes a website with a template already proven to work . This website will have all the information on how to contact you. You choose the colors and you can add the photos you want of your professionals and later you can add customer testimonials.
  • The hosting of the page and domain are included in the payment, whether annual or monthly (if for some reason you wish not to continue with this plan, and it is in the time when you can request a refund, the cost of domain and advertising cost are not returned).
  • The page will be listed by you in the search engines so that people reach your page. (Cost included)
  • Personal communication for the work plan in this case is up to 1 hour and 15 -30 minutes. Since you may have additional questions

Costs included in package

The normal cost of this hosting service is valued at a minimum of $300 plus $22.00 for the domain. Listing your website in the search engines is more than $500 a year .

The design of the page around $1,000 and the programming to make it work in the search engines another $1,000. 1 hour personalized work plan $300 plus access to groups that will be helping you do a better job is invaluable.

This would cost around $3,100+, with expenses of $1,500 per year and $300 each month for monthly consulting. (and you would have no guarantee that it will work for you).


You will only be paying for this entire Platinum package

$399.99 and $100 a month

You start paying the $100 after 30 days and you will be receiving all this incredible package that will help you earn from $75 – $150 per signing and receive calls from private clients for general services. (Private Clients start calling you 45-60 days after all the promotion has already been done for your page and listings are active in the search engines, according to the needs of each client in your area)

Example what you can earn: 

10 signing at $75 minimum = $750 | 20 signings x $75 = $1,500 | 40 x $75 x $3,000

$9,000 – $36,000 a year

Second Example:

10 signings x $150 = $1,500 | 20 x $150 = $3,000 | 30 x $150 = $4,500

You would win in this second example:

$18,000 – $54,000 a year

These examples are based on $75 and $150 x signing does not include how much you can make at $100.00 $125 or $175 or private clients.

Do you think it can help you change your lifestyle?

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get your platinum package here NOW: