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No le tengas miedo al Exito

El miedo es parte del éxito, no lo evites ni te frustres, es parte del proceso del aprendizaje así que adelante y que nada te detenga, parte de tú vida pero que no te domine, avanza… Fear is part of success, do not avoid it or get frustrated, it is part of the learning process […]

How Many Types Of Deed Exist?

There is a big difference between a tittle and a deed. The first is a legal document that says, or proves, that you are the owner of the property itself. The second is basically a legal document that proves the transfer of assets from one person to another. In this case, from the seller to […]

Do you know what is a Process Server?

Smply put, a process server is someone who delivers court papers to another person who is required to come to court. These people can deliver a wide range of different papers and have many different requirements from state to state. Originally, papers were served by people associated directly with the court, but now any US […]


An Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of a public document (e.g., a birth, marriage or death certificate, a judgment, an extract of a register or a notarial attestation). The Model Apostille Certificate is reproduced at the beginning of this brochure. Apostilles can only be issued for documents issued in one country party to the Apostille Convention […]

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